The Good Seed

Puppy Veterinarian Care

All Puppies will be up-to-date with Vaccines and De-wormings and full medical history will be detailed in their Health Certificate.

All of the puppies offered for sale through our licensed facility have been examined by a minimum of two licensed veterinarians prior to being offered for sale. Every puppy we sell is certified by a licensed veterinarian as “fit for sale”. In addition, each puppy receives age appropriate vaccinations and parasite control treatment.

Our veterinarian is on call and visits us often to assist us in maintaining our state of the art facility where our puppies are our utmost concern. Each puppy is examined shortly after arrival and then re-examined as needed and/or every 14 days while it stays with us.


It’s important to us that our customers feel that we are doing our best, therefore of our puppies are examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to arrival to us and examined again by a Florida licensed veterinarian prior to sale to add a double layer of protection that our puppies are ready for their new homes.


All puppies receive antibodies from their fully vaccinated mothers at the time of birth. After a short time however, those antibodies start to lessen, requiring the breeder to provide additional protections against disease and viruses by vaccinating each puppy at the appropriate age and prior to leaving their mom and arriving at Select A Puppy. Upon arrival to Select A Puppy, our attending veterinarian will place all of our new arrivals on a vaccination schedule to ensure proper protection and antibodies continue until they get “selected” for their forever homes.


Each of our puppies has been extensively examined by a Florida State licensed Veterinarian prior to sale. Each physical exam consists of a thorough examination of ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, gums, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, skin, coat, and more. This extensive medical exam provides additional assurance to our customers that our puppies are ready to be “selected” for their forever homes! To provide further peace of mind, our customers are welcome to make an appointment with one of our participating veterinary hospitals for a free health exam within 30 days after purchase!