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Adult Breed Information

Labrador Retriever

Listed as the most popular breed in the United States for quite a few years, the much beloved and versatile Lab was original developed in England from Newfoundland ancestors. Designed as a hunting dog, a sport in which he still excels today, the Lab is a member of the sporting group. The Lab is the quintessential versatile dog, who is as comfortable in the home as he is in the field. Typically standing between 20-25 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing 50-85 pounds, the Lab is the right dog for almost any situation, whether it be a working dog for the police, a service dog for the blind, a hunting dog for the field, obedience winner in the ring, or beloved pet sharing your couch. Adaptable to almost any situation, the Lab is tough, intelligent, eager to please, ready for adventure, and sweet as sugar. The breed is known to mature slowly, making many owners deal with adolescence longer than they would wish to, and he is known to be a handful as a puppy, but the rewards are plenty, as the breed is completely devoted to his family and skillfully in tune with his master's feelings and emotions. His ability to think makes the Lab a wonderful asset to many households and canine duties. For those that are up to the task, the Lab is a breed that is certain to change your outlook towards life. Labs do best in a home where he is part of the family and activities and he excels with positive training methods and consistent mental and physical stimulation and exercise. The breed excels at swimming, hiking, obedience, fetch, and playing with children. The Lab has a short coat of varying shades of yellow, black or chocolate, as well as the rare dilute silver. Yellow, chocolate, and silver colors can have brown or green eyes, with black or brown noses. Shedding is consistent and minimal and requires nothing more than the occasional brushing and bath to remove dead undercoat and keep the coat in good condition. The average lifespan for the breed is 10-14 years.
Labrador Retriever

Quick Information

Adult Weight

50-85 lbs

Adult Height

20-25 inches


Black, Yellow, Chocolate, Silver

Personality Traits

Outgoing, Intelligent, Gentle, Even Tempered, Trusting, Agile, Kind

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Labrador Retriever Traits