The Good Seed

Our Puppy Breeders

It is important to us that the breeders we choose to work with provide puppies to us that they care for and that they take care of their dogs needs and well being. Our puppies come to us from all over the country from breeders that provide loving pets to families like yours.

The Good Seed obtains puppies from breeders that are compliant with the criteria of any local, state, and federal licensing requirements. This gives our customers added confidence. Rather then you having to travel all over and visiting many individual locations to search for a puppy, purchasing a puppy from The Good Seed is a great way to ensure that you can purchase with more confidence!

“A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS” Wouldn’t it be great if you could see the breeder’s home and the parents of your puppy? Well, at The Good Seed that is possible! No sad puppy mill photos here! We firmly believe in transparency. We travel throughout the country each year, visiting many breeders, and taking pictures of puppy parents as well as the breeder’s homes, so you can see the source of many of our puppies, giving you some peace of mind when you purchase a puppy from us.

Along with pictures, if you’re curious about our breeders, we have biographies of many of our breeders depicting what their life is like, how they got started with breeding, how many children and pets that they have, their jobs, and how they spend their free time. This gives you detailed insight that is not readily available from many other sources.

We know that you want to meet the breeder but don’t have the time and money to travel all over the country yourself searching for the perfect Puppy. Well The Good Seed offers transparency so you can leave all the hard work of picking your perfect puppy to us! We are dog lovers and dog professionals. We have traveled throughout the country over the years, devoting a lot of time to meeting, visiting, and maintaining friendships with many different breeders and their dogs, giving us access to tons of pertinent information.

This has allowed us the opportunity to be able to provide YOU with detailed information regarding the background of each puppy’s parents and breeder. *This information can include information and/or pictures of puppy parents, pictures of the breeders home, and detailed biographies of our breeders family life, so you can get to know them better. Imagine being able to have all this information at your fingertips while comfortably sitting and playing with the puppy of your dreams conveniently located at Select A Puppy!

*We have availability of Pedigrees, Registration papers, parent pictures, breeder pictures, license inspection reports and more!


The term “puppy mill” refers to a substandard, illegal breeder that does not comply with applicable local, state, or federal regulations regarding animal welfare practices. The Good Seed will never knowingly obtain any puppy from an illegal or substandard breeder!

We have ZERO tolerance for sub-standard breeders sometimes referred to as “puppy mills”. Why we “Select” our breeders- Our customers can enjoy the added comfort that we choose our puppies from breeders that prioritize the responsibility of caring for their dogs. The responsibility of our breeders to care for their dogs and puppies takes a lot of time and money. This means that they are federally, state, or locally licensed, as applicable, to ensure they are complying with any required laws and regulations regarding pet health and well-being regulations that outline all of their dog’s medical, physical, and psychological needs. This huge responsibility of the breeder along with our own stringent puppy care protocols helps us to ensure that the puppies The Good Seed provides to our customers are ready to become loving family members.

* The Good Seed does not guarantee to provide information, a description, biography, and/or pictures, reports, registration papers, pedigrees, for every puppy available for sale.

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This is the accordion content. You can add any content you want to it. Really, anything! Add images, text, lists, captions or any element you want.

This is the accordion content. You can add any content you want to it. Really, anything! Add images, text, lists, captions or any element you want.