The Good Seed

About Us

Our business began with a simple concept. To redefine our industry by setting new standards and daring to do what was thought to be impossible.

It was a simple plan that required complex solutions in order to make it work. The result is the success story of our business model as it stands today. We are proud of our business and it shows in our standards. The Good Seed recognized long ago that providing top quality puppies to our customers, while being the foundation of our commitment in this industry, was only the beginning…

Puppies need to be healthy and protected against disease, and of course they need to be properly trained so that they can become an enjoyable member of their family. It was for these reasons that our staff developed the written health guarantees and training services that are provided with each and every puppy that we offer for sale. In addition, your pet needs to have proper nutrition and social play to maintain a healthy physical and mental life. To this end The Good Seed offers quality feeding options, toys, supplements, collars and leads, and lots of other items for the pet lover and dog owner.

The Good Seed Standards

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Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of pet lovers that receive extensive training to ensure that our animal care protocols are strictly followed for the well being of our puppies. Our staff love what they do and continue to strive in all aspects of animal care and customer relations. We pride ourselves in providing a variety of pertinent pet care information to our customers to better assist them in their decision to add a pet to their family

Our Staff Standards